My Very Own Crossbody Purse

SAM_2504Unbelievably, last weekend I could not decide what to sew. Mainly because I did not have all the materials asked by the patterns I was interested in working on. I have been wanting a crossbody purse for a while now and I finally decided to create my very own from scratch. Saturday I was just lost and by Sunday, I decided to finally brainstorm the style and size I preferred for a purse. I already knew I wanted a small purse to just carry my smaller items for my rushing days and that I wanted the handle long enough so when I’m running after my little girl, it won’t feel likes it’s in the way. So I grabbed my ruler and started measuring and visualizing what it would look like.  The purse without the handles measures 7.5 inches in length and 9 inches wide. The strap including the tabs and square rings is 52 inches long. I had initially drafted the strap to 64 inches long because I wanted to make sure I could change the length after figuring out what looked more comfortable or what I considered appropriate. I didn’t want it too long or too short. I feel that 52 inches is a great strap length and goes very well with the small purse. The purse will fit my wallet, my phone, and anything else that is small and needed on a daily basis. What it does not fit is my Nook, which is ok but maybe I can make another crossbody pattern just big enough to hold my nook or possibly my blogging journal.

SAM_2500 SAM_2506

SAM_2508SAM_2514I did make a few mistakes as I predicted I would. The most obvious mistake I can see is the buttonhole. I really thought a huge button would be a nice touch but now I realize that I should have taken a different approach in placement and how I ended up sewing the hole. Next time I will not sew a buttonhole and instead attach a magnet snap or make a loop for the button. Another mistake that may not be as obvious but still noticeable is the pink zipper. I used a 9 inch zipper and it was a bit too long so I had to shorten the length. Also, next time I will make sure to use a zipper that will better match with the color scheme of the fabric used for the purse. I wanted some sort of pop of color besides the black and white of the outside of the purse so I chose a type of blue-green lining. I think it goes well with the black and white but I admit the pink zipper just isn’t as coordinating as I’d hoped.

SAM_2501This purse was fairly easy to make, I drafted and sewed the purse in less than 1 day. I plan on getting this pattern right and once I do, I will be posting the tutorial on how to draft and sew this crossbody purse. I will be posting the tutorial soon and hopefully some viewers will comment and share their experience sewing this purse. I had my daughter wear it to take a picture of the purse being worn and she really likes the purse. I tend to ask her if she would wears certain things I think are cute and sometimes she says no but this one one she agreed she would wear. We’ll see if she will ask me to make her one too. I will also have to give this pattern a name. Names are always hard for me because I have trouble combining the meaning behind the name. We’ll see how that ends up working. Either way, I’m super excited I had the chance to make my very own purse.


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