Pattern Review: Semi-Fitted Shorts McCalls 6756

SAM_2497Today has been a great day of sewing because I feel like I actually had time to sew even though most of my day was spent tracing a pattern I plan to work on this coming week. Besides the tracing, I finally finished sewing the shorts. The only thing is I’m not sure whether I want a button or a hook and eye for a closure so I guess I’m still not completely done but to me, it’s done.

When I saw the pattern, I really liked the color and lace detail used for the shorts on the cover of the envelope which is the main reason I purchased this pattern. The instructions are easy to follow which I think is great for a beginner sewer. I wanted the shorts to sit on top of my hips but below my waist and not as short so I made a few adjustments by lowering the waist two inches, widened the hips and lengthened the shorts by two inches. This was my first experience fitting a pattern and I felt that I did pretty good for my first time. Once I tried them on to check the fit, they were good. Somehow the fit changed once I attached the waistband. At that point, I realized the one part that I missed in making the adjustments is the ease. I adjusted the pattern but did not add back in the ease, so there’s the mistake. I was really hoping for a successfully sewed garment and good fit. It did suck finding out I missed one crucial step but at the same time I learned something new about fitting and I had the opportunity to practice what I had learned about fitting.

Here are some of the details:

Pattern: McCall’s M6756, View A

Fabric: Charmeuse

Recommended Fabrics: Scalloped Edge Lace and lining fabric

Difficulty Level: Easy (Great for beginner sewist)

Would I sew this again: Yes, I plan to make at least 2 more for next summer

SAM_2487 SAM_2488 SAM_2489

I did have difficulty sewing on the waistband onto the shorts but overall, I enjoyed the experience of sewing them. I have a better understanding of the construction process and even some of the fitting process. I must admit that I did become very frustrated sewing these which is why it took so long to finish. I was really struggling with sewing the waistband and mainly because of my inexperience with hand sewing. According to the pattern, I had to finish off the waistband by slip stitching the whole thing, which I did but it didn’t look right. Even though I had trouble with it, I kept trying so I kept using my seam ripper until I finally said I needed I break from this project and start the next. And now it’s November and I finally finished them but I will have to wait to wear them until summer. These may not be the perfect sewn shorts but I’m still glad I sewed them and still plan on wearing them next year.

Is there any sewing project that caused you to take a break from it? Did you eventually go back to finish? Or are you the type of person who starts something and will not put it down until it’s finished?



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