Pattern Review: M6084 1 Hour Cardigan

M6084- CardiganI’m super excited to share this review with you because I finished it! Lately, it takes me a lot longer to complete a sewing pattern, even when they are easy so I’m excited to share this one because even though it took me over an hour to finish, I’m happy it didn’t take me over a month. My husband told me I have to be realistic on putting short deadlines for myself since most of my time is spent with my mom. Either way, I’m glad I have started making time when I’m home to sew. I sewed this cardigan for my 11 year old daughter because she has been bugging me for one for a while now plus, maybe she will give me my cardigan back if she has her own. I finished the cardigan last night and she wasn’t so much into taking pictures but I still did.

This cardigan was definitely easy to sew and the instructions were easy to follow. Of course of made mistakes and boy was it hard to remove the stitches. My daughter picked out the fabric for this cardigan and I wish I would have given her alternative choices but then I convinced myself it was time to sew with knits. The fabric is very drapey and I think working both with a drapey and knit fabric was very challenging but I’m glad I didn’t quit and instead I pushed myself to learn through this experience. Sewing the hem was probably the most difficult part for me but I managed through it. Also, I was a bit nervous sewing the sleeves because I haven’t actually sewn sleeves before but they were surprisingly easy. According to the envelope, this cardigan can be made within an hour but it took me a least 10 hours. It might have helped if I tried to dedicate consistent time-frames but it just was not possible.

Here are some details:

Pattern: McCall’s M6084, View C

Fabric Used: I purchased it from Joann Fabrics, but not sure exactly the type of knit. It looks like it has a little bit of stretch and some lace is mixed in with the design of the fabric. Sorry I can’t mention exactly what fabric I used. I will try better next time.

Difficulty Level: Easy (Great for beginner)

Adjustments: I shortened 5 1/4 inches off the length of the front and back piece.

Would I Make Again? Yes, I plan on making one for myself.

SAM_2470 SAM_2474 SAM_2480

I must admit it did not turn out 100% perfect but I’m still proud. I’m not sure if my daughter will wear it anytime soon since it has been so cold but I’m sure she will in the spring/summer. How was your first-time experience sewing with knits? Do you still sew with knits and what do you find that is most difficult when sewing with knits?




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