Knitting Pattern Review: Florence Cardigan

Knitting a sweater has been on my to do list for a while now but I guess I wasn’t really ready for Florence Cardigan 1a challenge of that magnitude. Until recently, my 11 year old daughter asked me if I can knit her a sweater. First she asked me to just buy one but I told her I could knit one instead and she agreed. She liked the idea of picking out a pattern design so I had her look through my old magazines and I’m so happy she decided on this one. This pattern is basically made for those who want to knit a sweater but are a bit intimidated of possible difficulties but I would recommend it to any first-time sweater knitters. The Florence Cardigan is featured in Knitscene magazine Spring/March 2012 issue by Carol Feller.


I chose yarn from Caron, One Pound in black which I purchased at Joanns fabric store hoping it would be enough to make the sweater, we’ll see, but overall it’s looking pretty good. If it all works out, my next one will be with a different type of yarn because I totally want one for myself but in a different feel. I started this project some time in the beginning of October (2014), and unfortunately it’s still not quite done. Currently, I’m working on the sleeves which so far seems fairly easy and quick but I’ve just been too busy taking care of my mom and my baby monster of a two-year old. I’m still hopeful to have the cardigan done by this weekend (planning on no later than Sunday) but again, we’ll have seen wait and see. My older daughter keeps asking me if the cardigan is done yet and my answer has been maybe today. Gosh, I hate it when things just pop up and ruins my plans, but I’ll keep trying.

As far as the pattern, I really have enjoyed working on it because it is very repetitive which most experienced knitters would probably consider boring but I liked it for its simplicity. The pattern was easy to follow, plus I also learned how to pick up stitches to start the sleeve which I have never done but was easy. Learning something new while working on the project is one of the things I enjoyed the most. I can’t wait to have it completely finished, the accomplishment makes it most worth while.Florence Cardigan 2

I would recommend this pattern to those looking for an easy pattern to follow and work on as a first go-to sweater pattern. I definitely plan on making another and hopefully with different yarn. The Caron yarn is somewhat on the bulkier side but that is why I chose this yarn to make sure it provides warmth. That only thing I’m not sure of is how well it will drape but I’ll find out once my daughter wears it.

My next knitting project I plan to work on will be a poncho from Drops Designs and this one I plan to make for myself, yay me! I can’t wait for it to be done. This pattern is also supposed to be quick and easy, but it is something I will have to wait and see. I plan on starting on this project this coming week and finish within 7 days. This sounds like a good challenge so look out for that post. I would like to know your of first-time sweater knitting experience, was difficult or was it what you expected? What pattern did you use and would you reuse it? Knitting a sweater for the first time is awesome no matter the outcome because you gained an amazing experience and learned new techniques. I know I did, I’m super stoked that I’m actually making sleeves! Anyway, can’t wait to finish the cardigan and showcase it. Check back for pictures!


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