Pattern Review: Girl’s Top M6951

SAM_2458My daughter is at an age where she is concerned about what she wears and if she matches. She saw a shirt very much like this pattern at Target but I did not like the price so I told her I would make her one. It took some time to get it done but I finally did. I actually finished it last night and I have to say I am very proud of how it came out and my daughter said she would wear it to school which is her giving me a thumbs up for good job.  This pattern is easy to sew and honestly, if I would have just tried to make it in one day, I probably would have but I’m always in 10 places at once so of course it took me longer.

Anyway, I did enjoy working on this shirt. It was fairly easy and probably a great garment for a beginner, such as myself, to start on. I remember wearing this type of shirt when I was a kid and apparently, they do not go old. My daughter likes to wear jeans only and I really think this shirt would look great in either jeans, maxi skirt or circle skirt. It is fall season but she could still wear it on the leftover sunny days we may have. Here is some helpful info:

McCalls6951 TopPattern: McCalls Girls Top, M6951 View A (without the pocket)

Fabric: I used broadcloth which worked easy with this pattern, had no issues and goes well with this shirt.

Other Fabric suggestions: The pattern suggests Broadcloth, Linen, and Chambray

Fitting Alterations: None

Difficulty Level: Easy, took me about two weeks to sew this shirt, but could have been done in 1 day.

Would I make it again? Yes, maybe with lace contrast next time.

I did make a couple of mistakes but it still looks good. I learned from my mistakes and I know my next one will be much better. If you have sewed this shirt, I would love to know how it worked out for you. Any suggestions you may have that could have helped me finished this shirt much sooner are welcomed.

 SAM_2463   SAM_2460- corrected   SAM_2464- corrected


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