My Study of Sewing


My sewing journey has been very slow. After making my first garment and making mistakes, I realized I need to study the art of sewing. I conducted my study by reviewing blogs, watching video tutorials, and then reading many, many sewing books. But my study never ends. I’m still reading a loth and I feel that it gives me a better idea of what I should do and what I shouldn’t. Honestly, its been a bit difficult finding all the information in one place but I didn’t want to spend too much money on fashion design college classes. I realize I already have invested a lot of time and money but I’m pretty sure it’s not quite the same stress and expense. I’m doing it all at home and I get to spend time with my family.

Anyway, I’ve learned many techniques and terminology which have proven to be very important. The combination of both has really given me a good understanding and confidence to tackle a project with more confidence. I have sewn a few things such as cloth diapers, car seat canopy, a few tote bags, couple of backpacks and a cross-body bag. They were all pretty easy and great for a beginner to practice sewing. I have to add that sewing backpacks were a bit time consuming but I still had fun learning to sew the backpacks. The backpacks really helped me practice sewing curves.

Ultimately, I would really like to tackle sewing garments. I have made two tanks and they did not fit the way I would have hoped for. I decided to learn about fitting patterns so I purchased a craftsy class which was fun to watch and I had the opportunity to practice what I had learned on some shorts. Soon enough, I will blog about them and how they turned out.

Sewing can be fun but it can also be somewhat discouraging when the project does not come out they way you hoped. I have learned that the trick is to keep at it and never quit. I have had my share of GRRRR!, but I really want to know the skills and be proud of something I created. It is a rewarding feeling when something I made looks great. My goal is to become a sewer who can sew anything I would like to make and learn in the process. I like challenges and most of all I love it when I realize I have been successful. So, for now my goal is to make this blog part of my sewing learning experience. Can’t wait to be able to communicate with like-minded people. Thanks for reading!


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